Thursday, January 30, 2014

FOUR reasons Theo James will make you want to watch Divergent

With the release of Allegiant, the final book in the divergent trilogy, and the soon-to-be premiere of the Divergent movie, many of you may be wondering if you should bother with finding out what all the hype is about. The answer is yes. YES YES YES. So in order to make your all too busy lives easier, I thought I could introduce you to the man chosen to play FOUR by giving you the 4 best reasons to watch the movie.

1. Theo was born in Oxford. WHICH MEANS HE IS BRITISH. Which means he is literally irresistible.

2. He is also literally a Greek god. Okay, maybe not literally but his grandfather IS Greek.... Sooooo close enough. PLUS He has FREAKING PERFECTLY SCULPTED ABS THAT I WOULD LICK ANYTHING OFF OF with no qualms about fully abandoning my morals and that is really all that matters.

3. As if he wasnt blessed by our heavenly father enough by being british AND a Greek God, he is also a musician. A MUSICIAN.

Moment of silence while that sinks in.

4. He looks REALLY GOOD in denim.


SOOOO to recap: Theo is a british born Greek God with a body that could have been sculpted by our sweet heavenly father himself AND IF THAT WASNT ENOUGH he also plays several musical instruments. Please excuse me while I lose myself in the Theo James tag on tumblr.

xx - Summer

***Article was written by Me and was previously posted on a site co-edited by me.***

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