Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5 Reasons You Will Love Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters

After spending an extraordinary amount of time on tumblr AND reading all six books in the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, I discovered that the fandom is totally torn between L O V I N G this movie and thinking it's actually going to be worse than becoming strigoi. I couldn't really understand all the negative comments about this movie, because I am TOTALLY excited to see it and thought everyone else would be as well... but I was wrong. So in effort to win over all the neigh sayers, I decided to give you 5 things you WILL love about this movie.

1. Dominic Sherwood as Christian Ozera. Honestly, I haven't felt this attracted to someones lips since my Harry Styles mental breakdown circa 2011. I don't even care that he is smoking in this photo. I would suffer through a slow death of second hand smoke just to be in his presence. AND DEM EYES. Dominic is Heterochromia; which means that his eyes are two totally different colors. YES PLEASE.

2. YOU WILL LOVE THE SOUND TRACK.       The sound track is everything. If you haven't listened to Bela Lugosi's Dead by CHVRCHES thenyou haven't truly lived. I mean, arguably any sound track that has Katy Perry on it is going to be good, but add in Goldfrapp and Sky Ferreira and not to mention Iggy Azalea and you have a sound track worth actually purchasing.

3. ALL THE BOYS ARE SO ATTRACTIVE, HI. I really just can't deal with how attractive all of these boys are. THEIR IS EVEN A GINGER. I mean, their was a ginger in the book, but normally when they cast movies, they will change little things like hair color. PRAISE ST VLADIMIR that they kept Mason (Cameron Monaghan) a ginger. Also, have you seen Jesse Zeklos aka Ashley Charles? JEEZ LOUISE that is what im talking about. OH and Danila Kozlovsky as Dimitri. 

4. IT HAS THE SAME DIRECTOR AS MEAN GIRLS. Mark Waters, who also directed the cult classic Mean Girls, has directed Vampire Academy. It seems that's why a lot of people are unsure of him being able to do the books justice. To be honest, the books are very dramatic, which makes the books SO GOOD, but I dont think people should expect this from the movie. I believe he went more sassy than serious with his take on the books.

5. ZOEY DEUTCH AND LUCY FRY ARE SO CUTE.  No but really, they are so cute. They are exactly how I pictured them when reading the book. Lucy is so close to what I had envisioned that it is SCARY. She is actually the perfect Lissa. I have also watched a few interviews of them together and they really do have the comraderie that the girls share in the book. ANNNND Zoey is so spunky IRL that she is basically the embodiment of Rose's character.  JUST LOOK AT THEM AND TELL ME THEY AREN'T CUTE. YOU CAN'T. YOU CAN'T BECAUSE THEY ARE ADORABLE.

Basically, this movie is not going to SUCK. haha. get it? vampires? suck? okay okay, I'm not very punny. But this movie should be worth checking out, If for no other reason than just ensuring that we get a second movie because THAT MEANS WE GET A REAL LIFE ADRIAN IVASHKOV. yum.

xx - Summer

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