Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review: White Hot Kiss - Jennifer Armentrout

The Dark Elements: White Hot Kiss

OKAY OKAY OKAY. Y'all know how I feel about Jennifer Armentrout's book boys. They are simultaneously the best and the worst part of my life and Roth is no different. UGH. First of all, If you haven't read Bittersweet Love, the prequel to this series, you can pick it up for free on amazon

This is the first book in The Dark Elements series which features Wardens (sexy gargoyles)  Demons (sexy demons, of course) and Layla who is a mix of both warden and demon.

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Layla, 17, lives in a house full of wardens, which includes her best friend/crush/sort of brother Zayne. Layla is different from everyone in the house full of wardens because she is part demon. Adopted by the clan leader, Abbott, Layla has a curse which basically allows her to suck souls out of anything that has one. She also has the ability to 'tag' demons, which lights them up for the wardens to spot and hunt down each night. Layla attends public school where she meets ROTH WHO IS SO HOT I CRY. Lots happen between Layla and Roth but I dont want to give to much away so we wont get into it. LETS JUST SAY ITS SWOON WORTHY X10.
Now for my Opions: This book, ugh. I LOVE IT. The author, Jennifer Armentrout, said on her facebook page earlier this week that this is like.... the 3rd or 4th book that she ever wrote but was just now able to release it. I love all the details that she gives in this book. When I was reading it, it felt like I was actually there, in the moment with them. Some books can get a bit wordy when they are giving detail and it makes me want to skip over some of it just to get to the action, but this woman knows JUST the right amount to give to make you want to read every. single. word. ITS SO GOOD. Roth is SERIOUSLY SO GOOD AND THE ENDING IS GOING TO MAKE YOU DIE.  If you liked the Lux Series or the Unchained book, you will definitely want to check this out.
I give this book a 9/10.

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