Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review: Elemental Series By Brigid Kemmerer

Recently I saw a post on Jennifer Armenrout's facebook page saying LOTS of good things about a YA book series that depicts a band of brothers that have the ability to control the Elements. On a whim, I decided to download the first novella for .99 on amazon -which you can still do- and started reading it on a Thursday night. BY SUNDAY I HAD READ ALL 4 OF THE FULL NOVELS + THE ELEMENTAL NOVELLA.  I really could not stop reading.

I'll tell you why after the cut!


Ah, Storm is about the youngest Merrick brother, Chris. His element is water. Chris is also sort of angsty but his brothers seem to pick on him and despite him being a bit moody, the book is still funny.

Becca Chandler is the female couterpart of this book. She is my least favorite girlfriend out of ALL of the books. Not that I hate her, she just isnt as interesting as the other girls. However her dad brings some drama to the story.

OOOOOOOOHHHH. HUNTER also gets introduced in this book. I LOVE HUNTER, so very much. ugh. It hurts me how much I love him.


Spark. OH MY GOD. This *so far* is my FAVORITE book of the entire series. This is the story of Gabriel Merrick, one of the twin brothers. HOLY JEFF. I WANT TO FEEL HIS HEAT. Its funny because his element is fire. I guess that means he is FREAKIN HOT. He is so misunderstood in this book and everyone thinks terrible things about him but what they dont understand is that he is the sweetest, most caring boy and I want to help him with his math homework. Layne is what I like to refer to as "the other woman" (im obviously Gabriels true love) She has a really messed up family dynamic but she is still tough and takes care of her brother, Simon, who despite being deaf is one of my favorite characters. Hunter is also in this book  ~Swoooooon.  


This book is about Hunter, who is whats known as a 'spirit user.' Basically he can weild all 4 of the other elements and can increase the power of other elementals. Hunters story is by far the most sad of the bunch. While reading this book I was SOBBING MY EYES OUT AT 3 AM. So thanks a lot for that, Brigid. You know how to rip my heart out and stomp on it, huh? Hunter is my second favorite boy from this series. (betcha couldnt guess that Gabriel is my fave) Hunters family issues are almost as messed up as Laynes. Come to think of it, every one of these characters come from JEFFED up families.

I cant even discuss the female couterpart of this book without getting A N G R Y so I am not even going to go there. 


Secret is Nick Merrick's story. He is Gabriels twin, but they could not be more different. I love this book because it involes coming into who you are, despite adversity. This story also breaks my heart into tiny little peices because of the rift between Nicky and Gabriel.

Quinn is the lady of the book. She is my favorite female character and is fo' sho' the most spunky of all the girls in the books. I know I mentioned that they all have pretty screwed up home lives but Quinn takes the cake with hers.

Tyler also plays a part in this book, but its vastly different from his part in the other books. I secretly hope there is more to him in the next book. Honestly, I kind of hope he gets his own book. There is something dark and sexy about him. COME ON BRIGID. GIVE US A NOVELLA OR SOMETHING!!!



Oh sweet baby jeebus. MICHAEL IS HOT. Hiiiiiii.
I would let him control my earth, u feel me. This cover SRSLY could not be any hotter. This book comes out in September aka MY BIRTHDAY MONTH so happy freakin birthday to me, riiiight???

have you guys read these books??? what did you think of them?!!!

xx - Summer


  1. WHOA there! I haven't read Secret yet but I did read all the others kind of after one another last year and the novellas too. I didn't know Sacrifice had a title or a cover yet!! It's the best one, omg. I am screaming internally. But Nick is my baby :( If I were to pick a fav bro, definitely Nick. I might be a bit water element biased as well. Can't wait to read Secret! (Though it might be a little while until then).

    1. oh gosh, you DEF need to read secret. and i totally agree THE SACRIFICE COVER IS THE BEST ONE. oh my god yum! haha