Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Casting Picks For The 5th Wave Movie

Chloe Moretz cast as Cassie Sullivan in Rick Yanceys - The 5th Wave film adaptation.

As some of you know, I have not been quiet about my love for this book. It is one of the top 5 books that I have read this year. Now I know that everyone has speculated about the castings, but it looks like we have our first cast annoucement!

Earlier this week it was announced that Chloe Moretz, from Kickass, is going to bring Cassie (not Cassandra or Cassidy) to life. I think she is very similar to what I had pictured. However - Chloe is also set to star in If I Stay - which is another YA book adaptation. Chloe is also on the record saying that she is NOT a fan of YA books. Im not sure how that makes me feel. I think that if you want take on the role of a book-to-movie heroine, that you should have some respect for the genre. I understand that it is how she makes a living but if you are going to bring a character to life - you really need to read AND respect the book. Hopefully she will do justice to the role and its a hit in the box office because I want an Infinite Sea Movie!!

Now that we have a leading lady - we are just waiting on the rest of the announcements to be made for the entire cast. but in the mean time I have listed some of my dream actors for this movie!! Check out who they are after the cut!

Katie Chang - Ringer

Alexander Ludwig - Evan Walker

Frank Gingerich - Sammy Sullivan

Daniel Sharman - Ben Parish aka Zombie

Who would be part of your dream cast???? Comment below with your faves!

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