Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Releases

With the Summer coming in a couple of weeks I decided that it was time to round up all of the books that I am most excited for that will be releasing this summer. SO MANY good books are coming out in the next few weeks, including the last book of the LUX series. I am so sad to see Daemon go - but I really need to know how this is going to be finished!!!! OH! and Silver Shadows, the 5th book in the Bloodlines series will also be released. Yall know how I feel about Adrian. Okay, Maybe Im excited for all the summer book releases because I get to read about some of my FAVORITE book boys! Ill list the books and the release dates after the cut!!!

August 5th

June 10th

August 14th

June 3rd

June 17th

July 29th

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